Drag Slayer Fan -  - Daftboy
Drag Slayer Fan -  - Daftboy

Drag Slayer Fan

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When You Play... You Play To SLAY! 

New from Desmond Is Amazing: 

Features a lightweight Pink fabric with a whit print.... Boom!

This fan was designed by Desmond (On our Custom Fan App.)  Teach the children: Be A Drag Slayer! 
We use a very lightweight bamboo rib with a solid rivet to give the ultimate thwarp / snap. 


  • 13 inches of Fan
  • The thinnest lightest fan we've ever made.
  • Gives you an Amazing snap.
  • Rivet Attachment: We don't use screws like other do but still not an heirloom piece. (Never Get Screwed by Another Fan!)