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Daft Deliveries - Fans -  - Daftboy

Daft Deliveries - Fans

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We’ll Put A Party In Your Box EVERY MONTH!

Always over a $45.00 value for only $34.99* a delivery. 

Features 2 fans delivered to your mailbox every month or every other month. Which Fans? Our Newest Ones Of Course! (Duh) 

Chose 30 days for a shipment every month or 60 days for a shipment every other month.


  • 13 inches of Fan
  • The thinnest lightest bamboo fans we've ever made.
  • More flexible plastic to give more snap. 
  • Rivet Attachment: We don't use screws like other do but still not an heirloom piece. (Never Get Screwed by Another Fan!)
  • Our Fans Give the Ultimate Thwarp / Snap! (We Live For the Noise!)
  • Fans will be shipped on the 15th of every month.

*Price does not include shipping cost and taxes where applicable. 

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